The Borealis Express



2500 km across Europe in three trains.

Kopenhagen – Köln Hauptbahnhof –   City Night Line 40483   –   1260 km / 11h32
Köln Hauptbahnhof – Paris-Nord –   Thalys 9420 – 523 km / 3h13
Paris-Montparnasse – Agen –   TGV 8535   –  717 km / 4h19


As i mentioned before, i like travelling by train. In two weeks i will try to cross Europe from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Agen in the south of France through Cologne and Paris in 24 hours. (23h43 actually, but never mind that). Last year  my train had no heating and broke down along the way to Berlin, so i’m eager to know what awaits me this year.

However, i’ve taken my precautions. Instead of a rather unhealthily short one hour time window between two trains in Cologne like last year, i have a comfortable 2.5 hour gap to catch up with any delays i might encounter, and arrive safely on time for my high-speed connection to Paris.

Along the journey, i will twitter and, where possible, blog about the temporary microcosms that trains really are…


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